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Wilberforce, William 1759 - 1833 P
Shaftesbury dies in Holland 1683 T Note
Sunderland is appointed Secretary of State 1683 T Note
Earl of Middleton is appointed a Secretary of State 1684 T Note
Halifax becomes Treasurer and then Lord President of the Council 1685 T Note
Henry Hyde, second Earl of Clarendon, becomes Keeper of Privy Seal 1685 T Note
Lord Halifax is struck off the Privy Council 1685 T Note
Sunderland becomes Lord President 1685 T Note
Lord Halifax is dismissed as Lord Privy Seal 1690 T Note
Lord Shrewsbury resigns as a Secretary of State 1690 T Note
Earl of Marlborough is accused of communicating with James II 1692 T Note
Nottingham again becomes sole Secretary of State 1692 T Note
Lord Pembroke becomes Lord Privy Seal 1692 T Note
Whig Lord Somers is appointed Lord Keeper 1693 T Note
Earl of Nottingham is dismissed from Secretaryship of State 1693 T Note
Earl of Shrewsbury appointed Secretary of State 1694 T Note
The Speaker of the House of Commons is expelled for accepting a bribe 1695 T Note
Duke of Leeds resigns as Lord President of the Council for bribery 1695 T Note
Lord Somers is created Lord Chancellor 1697 T Note
The Earl of Marlborough is restored to favour by William III 1698 T Note

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