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de Robespierre, Maximilien 1758 - 1794 P
Anne, Duke of Montmorency, Constable of France, is disgraced 1541 T Note
Michel de L'Hopital is dismissed from the Chancellorship of France 1568 T Note
Michel de L'Hopital, Chancellor of France, dies 1573 T Note
Richelieu becomes Minister of State for foreign affairs and war 1616 T Note
Charles d' Albret takes charge of the government of France 1617 T Note
Richelieu is ordered into exile in Avignon 1618 T Note
Cardinal Richelieu concentrates power in his own hands 1626 T Note
Cardinal Mazarin is forced to flee from Paris 1651 T Note
Fouquet is appointed Superintendent of Finances 1653 T Note
Louvois becomes French Minister of War 1666 T Note
Le Peletier becomes leading Finance Minister of France 1683 T Note
De Croissy becomes chief Finance Minister in France 1696 T Note
Lord Bolingbroke flees to France 1715 T Note
Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford, is acquitted of subterfuge with the French 1717 T Note
Dubois becomes French Foreign Secretary 1717 T Note
Dubois, Louis XV's First Minister, dies 1723 T Note
Duke of Bourbon gains influence over Louis XIV 1723 T Note
Cardinal Fleury becomes Chief Minister in France 1726 T Note
Anti-British Chauvelin becomes French Foreign Secretary 1727 T Note

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