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Gratton makes Irish Declaration of Rights 1782 T Note
Pitt presents scheme for Parliamentary Reform 1783 T Note
Whig party split over Parliamentary reform 1794 T Note
Whig Reform Bill defeated 1810 T Note
Russell begins parliamentary reform campaign 1819 T Note
Lord John Russell's motion for parliamentary reform is rejected 1821 T Note
Bristol Riots after rejection of Reform Bill 1831 T Note
Third Reform Bill introduced in House of Commons 1831 T Note
Reform Act is extended into Scotland 1832 T Note
Irish Reform Act passed 1832 T Note
Chartism 1837 - 1848 T
Radicals attempt to introduce a secret ballot, more frequent elections and free trade in corn 1838 T Note
First Chartist Petition rejected 1839 T Note
Armed insurrection by Chartists 1839 T Note
Municipal Act for Ireland extends voting rights 1840 T Note
Second Chartist Petition rejected 1842 T Note
Complete Suffrage Union founded 1842 T Note
Young England 1842 - 1849 T
Last Chartist Petition rejected 1848 T Note
First Jewish MP admitted to the House of Commons - Lionel de Rothschild 1858 T Note

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