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Peace of Constantinople 1479 T Note
Peace agreement between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluks 1491 T Note
Peace of Étaples 1492 T Note
Alexander VI makes peace with Naples 1493 T Note
Alexander VI makes peace with the Orsini 1497 T Note
Truce signed between France and Spain at Lyon 1497 T Note
Anglo-Scottish truce is signed at Ayton to last for 7 years 1497 T Note
Anglo-Scottish truce is extended to the lives of Henry VII and James IV 1497 T Note
Italian states come to terms with France 1500 T Note
Venice signs peace treaty with the Turks 1503 T Note
Maximilian I is forced to sign a three-year truce with Venice 1508 T Note
Peace of Malmoe allows Netherlands vessels to trade in the Baltic 1512 T Note
Henry VIII fails to renew the Anglo-Scottish 'perpetual peace' 1513 T Note
Louis XII makes peace with Pope Leo X 1513 T Note
Maximilian I and Ferdinand I sign truce with Louis XII of France 1514 T Note
Anglo-French truce 1514 T Note
Anglo-French peace treaty is signed 1515 T Note
By Treaty of Geneva the Swiss sign a peace with France 1515 T Note
Peace of Noyon between France and Spain 1516 T Note
Treaty of Freiburg pledges 'perpetual peace' between French and Swiss 1516 T Note

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