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Louis XIV signs a peace treaty with Victor Amadeus of Savoy 1696 T Note
Peace of Karlowitz 1699 T Note
Emperor agrees to the Convention of Milan 1707 T Note
Peace preliminaries at Vienna are decided 1735 T Note
Maria Theresa and Sardinia sign a treaty confirming the Peace 1748 T Note
Treaty of Campo Formio: peace between Austria and France 1797 T Note
Austria and France conclude the Peace of Luneville 1801 T Note
Peace with France 1801 T Note
Peace of Florence 1801 T Note
First Peace of Paris 1814 T Note
Armistice between Austria and Sardinia agreed at Vigevano 1848 T Note
Bourbons of Naples accept armistice with Sicily 1848 T Note
Peace of Milan: war between Sardinia and Austria ends 1849 T Note
International peace conference at Paris 1856 T Note
Treaty of Zurich confirms the peace of Villafranca 1859 T Note
Austro-Italian armistice 1866 T Note

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