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A truce is signed at Vaucelles between Henry II and Philip II 1556 T Note
Cardinal Wolsey devises the Peace of London 1518 T Note
Convention of El Zanjón ends Ten Years War between Spain and Cuba 1878 T Note
Convention of the Pardo ends the Anglo-Spanish war 1728 T Note
End of the War of Devolution: the Peace of Aix-Ia-Chapelle 1668 T Note
France recognises the Pragmatic Sanction at the Peace Treaty of Vienna 1738 T Note
Francis I and Charles V sign the Peace of Madrid 1526 T Note
Franco-Spanish peace Treaty of Nijmegen 1678 T Note
Louis XIV rejects peace preliminaries 1709 T Note
Peace between Spain and Morocco 1860 T Note
Peace between Spain and Turkey reinforces the status quo 1581 T Note
Peace conference between England, France and Spain opens at Cambrai 1558 T Note
Peace negotiations between Spain and her enemies founder 1600 T Note
Peace negotiations opened between Spain and her enemies 1599 T Note
Peace of Cambrai 1529 T Note
Peace of Munster 1648 T Note
Peace of Nijmegen confirmed 1679 T Note
Peace of Noyon between France and Spain 1516 T Note
Peace of the Pyrenees between Spain and France 1659 T Note
Peace preliminaries at Vienna are decided 1735 T Note

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