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Henry II and Pope Julius III sign a two-year truce 1552 T Note
A truce is signed at Vaucelles between Henry II and Philip II 1556 T Note
Pope Paul IV signs an armistice with Spain 1556 T Note
Peace conference between England, France and Spain opens at Cambrai 1558 T Note
Peace of Cateau-Cambresis 1559 T Note
Edict of Amboise 1563 T Note
England renounces her claim to Calais by the Peace of Troyes 1564 T Note
Peace of St. Germain-en-Laye ends the Third Civil War in France 1570 T Note
Fifth War of Religion in France is ended by the Peace of Monsieur 1576 T Note
The Peace of Bergerac ends the Sixth War of Religion 1577 T Note
Peace of Fleix ends the Seventh War of Religion in France 1580 T Note
The decrees of Folembray end the war of the Catholic League 1596 T Note
D'Epernon submits to Henry IV and south-east of France is pacified 1596 T Note
The Duke of Mercoeur in Brittany sues for terms from Henry IV 1597 T Note
Philip II opens peace negotiations with Henry IV 1597 T Note
Henry IV makes peace with the Governor of Flanders 1598 T Note
Peace of Vervins unites France under Henry IV 1598 T Note
French Civil War ends with the Peace of St. Menehould 1614 T Note
Richelieu negotiates peace in France 1620 T Note
Peace at Montpellier between Catholics and Protestants in France 1622 T Note

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