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Louis XIV signs a peace treaty with Victor Amadeus of Savoy 1696 T Note
Louis XIV tries to negotiate for peace 1706 T Note
Emperor agrees to the Convention of Milan 1707 T Note
The Hague Conference for peace negotiations is opened 1709 T Note
Louis XIV rejects peace preliminaries 1709 T Note
Anglo-French truce 1712 T Note
Treaty of Utrecht: end of the War of Spanish Succession 1713 T
The Peace of Rastatt between France and Emperor 1714 T Note
France signs the Peace of Baden with Emperor 1714 T Note
Peace treaty is signed between the Quadruple Alliance and Spain 1720 T Note
Peace preliminaries at Vienna are decided 1735 T Note
France recognises the Pragmatic Sanction at the Peace Treaty of Vienna 1738 T Note
Provisional peace treaty to contain France is drawn up 1748 T Note
Preliminary peace signed between France and the maritime powers at Aix-Ia-Chapelle 1748 - 1748 T Note
Choiseul opens peace negotiations 1761 T Note
Peace preliminaries of Fontainebleau between France, Spain and Britain 1762 T Note
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War 1763 T Note
Grenville sent to Paris for peace negotiations 1782 T Note
Peace of La Jaunaie 1795 T Note
Spain signs peace with France 1795 T Note

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