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Maximilian I is forced to sign a three-year truce with Venice 1508 T Note
Peace of Malmoe allows Netherlands vessels to trade in the Baltic 1512 T Note
Maximilian I and Ferdinand I sign truce with Louis XII of France 1514 T Note
Treaty of Freiburg pledges 'perpetual peace' between French and Swiss 1516 T Note
Peace of Brussels between Francis I and Maximilian 1516 T Note
Cardinal Wolsey devises the Peace of London 1518 T Note
Pope Clement VII makes peace with the Emperor 1528 T Note
Peace of Nuremberg 1532 T Note
The Peace of Cardan restores of Ulrich of Wurttemberg to his duchy 1534 T Note
Charles V agrees to a six-month truce with the Protestant princes 1539 T Note
Pasha in Buda agrees to an amnesty 1544 T Note
Peace of Crépy between Francis I and Charles V 1544 T Note
Charles V signs a truce with Suleiman I 1545 T Note
Peace of Augsburg 1555 T Note
Sultan Selim II makes peace with the Emperor Maximilian II 1568 T Note
Emperor Rudolf II makes peace with Poland 1592 T Note
Peace of Vienna recognises Stephen Bocskai as ruler of Transylvania 1606 T Note
Peace of Tyrnau between Emperor Matthias and Gabor Bethlen 1615 T Note
The Emperor Matthias signs a peace treaty with the Turks 1615 T Note
Peace treaty between Emperor Ferdinand II and Gabor Bethen of Transylvania 1622 T Note

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