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Allies offer peace proposals to Napoleon 1813 T Note
Emperor agrees to the Convention of Milan 1707 T Note
First Peace of Paris 1814 T Note
France signs the Peace of Baden with Emperor 1714 T Note
Franco-German Peace of Frankfurt with humiliating terms for France 1871 T Note
International peace conference at Paris 1856 T Note
Metternich agrees to peace congress 1813 T Note
Paris capitulates and armistice with Germany is signed 1871 T Note
Peace between Prussia and Saxony 1866 T Note
Peace conference of Rastadt 1797 T Note
Peace of Altranstadt between Sweden and Saxony 1706 T Note
Peace of Basle 1795 T Note
Peace of Belgrade between the Emperor Charles VI and Turkey 1739 T Note
Peace of Berlin between Maria Theresa and Prussia 1742 T Note
Peace of Dresden between Prussia, Austria and Saxony 1745 T Note
Peace of Füssen between Maria Theresa and Bavaria 1745 T Note
Peace of Prague confirms preliminary peace of Nikolsburg regarding Germany 1866 T Note
Peace of Pressburg 1805 T Note
Peace of Stockholm is finalised between Sweden and Hanover 1719 T Note
Peace of Teschen 1779 T Note

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