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Allied conference agree peace terms for Germany 1918 T Note
Allied peace treaty with Austria at St. Germain 1919 T Note
Dayton Accord signed in Paris 1995 T Note
Dayton Accords: Bosnian, Serb and Croat leaders agree peace 1995 T Note
Italian government surrenders to Allies 1943 T Note
Kissinger begins peace talks with North Vietnamese 1972 T Note
Korean Armistice signed 1953 T Note
League of Nations Covenant set before Peace Conference 1919 T Note
Oslo Accords 1993 T Note
Peace Agreement in Vietnam 1973 T Note
Peace Conference adopts principle of League of Nations 1919 T Note
Peace Conference at the Hague 1907 T Note
Peace Conference at Versailles 1919 T Note
Peace Conference grants Japan's German concession 1919 T Note
Peace contract between Great Powers 1952 T Note
Peace Convention at Washington in effort to preserve Union 1861 T Note
Peace of Neuilly between Allies and Bulgaria 1919 T Note
Peace treaty between Oglala Sioux and General Sherman 1868 T Note
Students stage peaceful protest against Dow Chemicals 1967 T Note
Treaty of Ghent ends war between Britain and USA 1814 T Note

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