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The Peace of Knarod 1613 T Note
Peace of Stolbovo between Russia and Sweden 1617 T Note
Poland signs truces with Sweden and Turkey 1618 T Note
Sigismund of Poland makes an armistice with Gustavus II of Sweden 1622 T Note
Truce of Altmark between Sweden and Poland 1629 T Note
Sweden and Poland sign the twenty-year truce of Stuhmsdorf 1635 T Note
Sweden and Denmark conclude a peace at Brömsebro 1645 T Note
Treaty of Westphalia: End of the Thirty Years War 1648 T Note
Pope Innocent X condemns Peace of Westphalia 1648 T Note
Peace Treaty of Nuremberg 1650 T Note
Peace of Oliva ends war between Brandenburg, Poland, Austria and Sweden 1660 T Note
Peace of Copenhagen ends war between Sweden and Denmark 1660 T Note
The Peace of Kardis between Russia and Sweden 1661 T Note
Peace of St. Germain-en-Laye between Sweden and Brandenburg 1679 T Note
Treaty of Lund brings formal peace between Denmark and Sweden 1679 T Note
Peace of Nijmegen confirmed 1679 T Note
Charles XII enforces the peace of Travendal on Denmark 1700 T Note
Peace of Altranstadt between Sweden and Saxony 1706 T Note
Peace of Stockholm is finalised between Sweden and Hanover 1719 T Note
Peace of Abö between Russia and Sweden 1743 T Note

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