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Peter I makes peace under pressure from Turkey 1711 T Note
Peace of Adrianople between Turkey and Russia 1713 T Note
Peace of Abö between Russia and Sweden 1743 T Note
The Peace of Iaşi (Jassy) 1792 T Note
Treaties of Tilsit 1807 - 1807 T Note
Peace of Gulistan 1813 T Note
Allies offer peace proposals to Napoleon 1813 T Note
Treaty of peace concluded 1815 T Note
Second Peace of Paris 1815 T Note
Peace of Turkmanchai between Persia and Russia 1828 T Note
Treaty of Adrianopol ends Russo-Turkish war 1829 T Note
Britain, Austria and France state conditions of peace with Russia 1854 T Note
International peace conference at Paris 1856 T Note
Turkey agrees to six-week armistice 1876 T Note
Turkey signs armistice with Russia 1878 T Note
Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Weihaiwei 1895 - 1895 T Note
Peace Conference at the Hague 1907 T Note

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