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Austria concludes alliance with Britain and France 1854 T Note
Britain and France conclude alliance with Turkey against Russia 1854 T Note
Britain and Holland join the League of Augsburg 1689 T Note
Convention of Amsterdam between France, Russia and Prussia 1717 T Note
Eden negotiates Anglo-French commercial treaty 1786 T Note
Electors of Bavaria and Cologne sign treaties of alliance with France 1701 T Note
England, Sweden and the United Provinces form the Triple Alliance against France 1668 T Note
France allies with Prussia against Maria Theresa 1744 T Note
Franco-Italian Entente 1902 T Note
Franco-Russian alliance extended 1897 T Note
Henry III and Henry of Navarre sign a truce to oppose the Catholic League 1589 T Note
Henry VIII and Charles V form a league for a fresh attack on France 1524 T Note
Henry VIII and Maximilian I sign an alliance against France 1513 T Note
League of Turin formed against the Emperor 1733 T Note
Louis XII of France renews alliance with Venice 1513 T Note
Louis XII signs agreement with the Swiss League 1499 T Note
Maximilian I and the Swiss join the Holy League against France 1512 T Note
Pope Clement VII forms the League of Cognac 1526 T Note
Pope Julius II joins the League of Cambrai 1509 T Note
Portugal signs treaties with France and United Provinces against Spain 1641 T Note

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