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Abel Tasman discovers New Zealand 1642 T Note
Amazon explored by Francisco de Orellana 1542 T Note
Amerigo Vespucci explores parts of South America 1499 T Note
Cape Verde reached by Portuguese navigators 1446 T Note
Captain Bering reaches Alaska 1740 T Note
Christopher Columbus discovers what will later be called “America” 1492 T
Columbus reaches the Bahamas 1492 T Note
Columbus' voyage of discovery financed by Ferdinand of Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain 1492 T Note
Coronado explores the south-west of North America 1540 - 1542 T Note
Dampier's A Voyage to New Holland in the Year 1699 1703 T Note
Drake's Circumnavigation of the Globe 1577 - 1580 T
Early Modern Voyages of Discovery and Travel Writing 1500 - 1650 T
Expedition into North America by Hernando de Soto 1539 - 1543 T Note
First circumnavigation of the world by the fleet of Ferdinand Magellan 1519 - 1522 T Note
First voyage by French navigator, Samuel de Champlain to Canada 1603 - 1604 T Note
Francais Jacques Marquette explores the Mississippi 1673 T Note
Francis Drake discovers San Francisco Bay 1579 T Note
Francis Drake sees the Pacific 1573 T Note
Gulf of Mexico explored by Cabeza de Vaca 1528 T Note

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