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Zheng He, the Chinese Admiral, begins his seven voyages in the Indian Ocean 1405 - 1433 T Note
Cape Verde reached by Portuguese navigators 1446 T Note
Pero de Covilha reaches India via the Red Sea 1487 - 1489 T Note
The Cape of Good Hope is explored by Bartolome Dias 1487 T Note
Christopher Columbus discovers what will later be called “America” 1492 T
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus' voyage of discovery financed by Ferdinand of Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus reaches the Bahamas 1492 T Note
Henry VII commissions the Cabots to discover new lands 1496 T Note
John Cabot reaches Newfoundland 1497 T Note
Vasco de Gama discovers a sea-route from Europe to India via the Cape of Good Hope 1498 T Note
Amerigo Vespucci explores parts of South America 1499 T Note
Early Modern Voyages of Discovery and Travel Writing 1500 - 1650 T
Pedro Alvares Cabral travels to Brazil and then to India 1500 T Note
Tristan de Cunha discovers an island which he names after himself 1506 T Note
Leo Africanus explores Timbuktu, Gao, Katsina, Kano and Lake Chad 1517 T Note
First circumnavigation of the world by the fleet of Ferdinand Magellan 1519 - 1522 T Note
Verrazzano explores New York Bay and Newfoundland 1524 - 1524 T Note
New Guinea first sighted by a European: Jorge de Meneses 1526 T Note
Gulf of Mexico explored by Cabeza de Vaca 1528 T Note

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