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Captain Cook takes British possession of Australia 1770 T Note
Chay Blyth returns to UK after sailing single-handed round-the-world 1971 T Note
David Livingstone crosses the African continent 1852 - 1856 T Note
Drake's Circumnavigation of the Globe 1577 - 1580 T
Edmund Hilary expedition reaches South Pole 1958 T Note
First successful ascent to summit of Everest 1953 T Note
Francis Drake discovers San Francisco Bay 1579 T Note
Henry Morton Stanley meets David Livingstone 1871 T Note
Henry Morton Stanley travels from the Congo to the Atlantic 1876 - 1877 T
Henry VII commissions the Cabots to discover new lands 1496 T Note
John Cabot reaches Newfoundland 1497 T Note
John Hawkins and Francis Drake are trapped by Spanish ships in the West Indies 1568 T Note
Labrador explored by Martin Frobisher, who discovers Baffin Island 1576 T Note
North Pole reached by James Clark Ross 1833 T Note
Richard Burton and John Speke reach Lake Tanganyika 1858 T Note
Scott's expedition to the South Pole 1910 - 1913 T Note
Simon Ferdinando lands in Maine 1597 T Note
Sir George Anson completes voyage round the world 1744 T Note
Sir Walter Ralegh sails for Guiana 1595 T Note
The Congo - from H M Stanley's navigation in 1877 to the Congo Free State, 1885-1908 1876 - 1877 T

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