Recommended Internet resources for Wisława Szymborska

The Nobel Prize in Literature

This is a Szymborska site on the official page. It includes a bio-bibliographical note and useful links presenting her poetry in English, Polish and Swedish as well as her Nobel acceptance speech in English.

A Domestication of Death

The site contains a full text of the academic article A Domestication of Death: The Poetic Universe of Wislawa Szymborska by Malgorzata Anna Packalen who is a Professor of Polish Literature at Uppsala University, Sweden. Packalen analyses the theme of death and its role in Szymborska's poetry written between 1957 and 2002. The essay offers an insightful and comprehensive overview of the theme.

Female Nobel Prize Laureates

The Nobel Prize internet archive presents a list of women Nobel Prize laureates in different disciplines. A biographical profile of Szymborska features in the context of other female prize winners. It includes useful links presenting essays on Szymborska's life and work.

Instytut Książki [The Book Institute in Cracow, Poland]

The site lists Szymborska's major publications in Polish as well as major foreign translations of her works. It also features a brief essay discussing her poetic style and selected themes present in her poetry. The text is available in Polish, English and German.

Sarmatian Review Online

Textual analysis of Szymborska's poem Conversation with a Stone by Mary Ann Furno.

Sarmatian Review Online

Textual analysis of Szymborska's poem The Silence of Plants by Mary Ann Furno

Sarmatian Review Online

Textual analysis of Szymborska's poem Lot's Wife by Mary Ann Furno

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