Recommended Internet resources for Thomas Pynchon

Pynchon Notes

The website of the academic journal on Pynchon; including information on the current issue, a cumulative bibliography, an order form and back issues as PDFs


The website of the Pynchon mailing list where one can subscribe to the list or a digest, and can browse the archives
The Modern Word
Spermatikos Logos

A very comprehensive website containing a vast amount of Pynchon-related information, including a number of e-texts. Definitely the place to look first


Especially useful for its indices to V., Gravity's Rainbow and Mason & Dixon, but also containing great links to other Pynchonalia

Otto Sell’s Pynchon Page

A well-maintained private website in German with endless material on Pynchon and a huge collection of links

San Narciso College - Thomas Pynchon Home Page

A website mainly devoted to Pynchon's texts, including a wide variety of useful links

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