Recommended Internet resources for John Milton

Professor John Bryson
Milton Page

A collection of essays on Milton by Bryson
The Guardian
This way to Paradise

Article by Tom Paulin on writers and illustrators inspired by Paradise Lost
Archive for the Eighteenth Century
John Milton in Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the English Poets

Biography and links

The John Milton Reading Room

The site contains all of Milton's poetry in English, Italian, Latin, and Greek, and selections of his prose. Almost all of the works presented here have been fully annotated; most have solid introductions as well.

Milton's Works and Life: Select Studies and Resources

By R.G. Siemens, University of Alberta

Luminarium: Milton

Informative website containing biographical information (including a chronology and several biographical introductions reprodced from various printed sources); criticism; images; boook reviews; further weblinks

John Milton: The Milton-L Homepage

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