Recommended Internet resources for Diane Mavis Schoemperlen

HarperCollins Canada: Author Interview: Schoemperlen, Diane on Our Lady of the Lost and Found

There are many Schoemperlen interviews available, and this is one of her most recent ones. As per the title, she discusses Our Lady of the Lost and Found, touching on her writing and research processes and her engagement with form. Links on the page lead to reading guides for Our Lady and In the Language of Love, as well as links with summaries and purchasing options for Schoemperlen's HarperCollins books.

The New Quarterly, Issue 114: To List Is Human

This online link to the New Quarterly issue that Schoemperlen edited in 2009 contains editorials (one by Schoemperlen), a list of the issue's contents, and a few online pieces, including a list of 99 of Schoemperlen's orphan titles which other readers and writers are free to use. The issue can also be purchased online.

Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing: Diane Schoemperlen

This site provides brief biographical information, a description of Schoemperlen's archives housed at Queen's University and her early career as evidenced therein, and sample correspondence images from the archives.

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