Recommended Internet resources for Reign of King Richard II

Willits High School Historical Essays
Edward the Black Prince

This brief biography includes contemporary illustrations, etchings, and bibliography
The Reign of Richard II, 1377 to 1399

By Ian Bremner. Detailed overview of Richard’s life and times, with valuable emphasis on the role of the Black Death in Richard’s reign and subsequent events
Historic Figures - Richard II

Succinct overview of the reign leading to a weakened monarchy and the Wars of the Roses
The Camelot Project
Literature of Richard II’s Reign and the Peasant’s Revolt

Edited by James M. Dean. Detailed summary of contemporary documents relating to the Peasant’s Revolt
Monarchs - Richard II

The Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition
Richard II

Westminster Abbey
Monarchs buried in the Abbey - Richard II

Valuable information about the tomb and Richard’s role in rebuilding the northern entrance of the Abbey. Also contains grisly information about the stealing of Anne of Bohemia’s skeletal remains
Wars of The Roses
by Michael D. Miller

Online book. Chapter 4 contains a concise analysis of the second crisis of Richard’s reign
The Official Website of The British Monarchy
Richard II

A brief but valuable overview, this emphasizes Richard’s parsonage of the arts and his policies with France

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