Bella Millett

Qualifications: 1964-7, BA in English Literature (Oxford); 1967-9, BPhil in Medieval Studies (Oxford); 1969-1977, DPhil (Oxford). I have been teaching at the University of Southampton since 1969, specializing in early Middle English literature; I became a Reader in 1991, and was given a personal Chair in 2008.
My main research interest for much of my working life has been the group of ten thirteenth-century West Midland religious prose works making up the Ancrene Wisse Group; I have edited and translated a number of these works, most recently the book-length guide for female recluses Ancrene Wisse. More generally, I am interested in the ‘twelfth-century Renaissance’ and the ‘medieval Reformation’, in early Middle English pastoral literature and its relationship to new Continental developments, and in editing (both paper-based and electronic) and textual theory.
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