Elsa Bouchard

Elsa Bouchard is Assistant Professor of ancient Greek language and literature at University of Montreal since 2012. She specializes in Greek poetic theory and in the ancient reception of classical poets. Her main publications include: Du Lycée au Musée. Théorie poétique et critique littéraire à l’époque hellénistique (Presses universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne, forthcoming in 2015); “Audience, Poetic Justice, and Aesthetic Value in Aristotle’s Poetics”, in Aesthetic Value in Classical Antiquity, R. Rosen & I. Sluiter (eds.), 2012; “The Meaning of βλαβερόν in the Poetics”, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 50, 2010. Her current research centers on the figure of the poet in ancient Greek imagination.