Hilary Clark

Hilary Clark is a Professor of English at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.She teaches in the areas of literary theory, modernism, life writing, and contemporary poetry. Her research interests from 2008 on have included issues of time, narrative, and interpretation in case histories of child psychoanalysis. She is also working on the poetics of Melanie Klein's unpublished case notes (those written after her move to London), which are held in the Melanie Klein Archive at the Wellcome Library, London. Publications include edited volume /Depression and Narrative: Telling the Dark/ (SUNY Press, 2008);"Mask of Shame, Mask of Death" in /Shame and Death/ Ed. Jeffrey Kauffman (Routledge, 2010); and “Complicating Disorder: The Play of Interpretation and Resistance in Melanie Klein’s /Narrative of a Child Analysis/.” /Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal/ (forthcoming).