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chronology prepared by Miriam Wallace (New College of Florida), A. A. Markley (Penn State University, Brandywine)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1745 Ishege becomes Shogun of Japan
1745 Machault D'Arnouville becomes French Controller for Finances
1745 Franco-Spanish troops take Milan
1745, January 20 Emperor Charles VII dies
1745, March 18 Walpole dies
1745, April 01 Britain undertakes to pay subsidies to Maria Theresa
1745, April 30 French defeat British at Fontenoy and conquer the Austrian Netherlands
1745, May Treaty of Warsaw for the partition of Prussia
1745, June 04 Frederick of Prussia defeats Maria Theresa at Hohenfriedberg
1745, June 16 New Englanders capture Fort Louisbourg from the French in Nova Scotia
1745, July 23 Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, lands in Scotland
1745, August 15
(to 1745, August 26)
George II signs the Convention of Hanover with Prussia
1745, September France breaks off negotiations for an alliance with Maria Theresa
1745, September Madame de Pompadour becomes Louis XV's recognised mistress
1745, September Austrians are defeated by a Franco-Spanish army at Basignano in Italy
1745, September Frederick II defeats the Austrians at Sohr
1745, September 06 Jacobite Rebellion
1745, September 11 Jacobites enter Edinburgh
1745, September 12 Maria Theresa's husband Francis Stephen is elected Holy Roman Emperor
1745, September 21 Charles Edward Stuart defeats English army at Prestonpans
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