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chronology prepared by Neil Cornwell (University of Bristol)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
, Souffles-Anfas
, The Merseybeat Poetry Movement
1899, January Henry Campbell-Bannerman becomes Commons leader of Liberals
1899 Revisionist German Social Democrats abandon strict Marxism
1899 Uranium radiation explained by Rutherford
1899 'War of a Thousand Days'
(to 1908)
Synthesis of proteins studied and explained
1899, February China opposes Italy's demands for concessions at Chekiang
1899, February 04 Philippines declared an independent republic
1899, February 12 Germany buys the islands of Marianas, Caroline and Pelew
1899, February 15 Tsar Nicholas II suppresses liberties in Finland
1899, February 18 Emile Loubet is elected President of France
1899, March 04 Schurman's Commission offers representative government to the Filipinos
1899, March 21 Anglo-French convention on hinterland of Tripoli
1899, March 24 Petition of Johannesburg Uitlanders to Queen Victoria
1899, March 31
(to 1899, June 05)
Bloemfontein Conference fails to produce agreement on Transvaal
1899, April 11 Spain cedes Cuba and Puerto Rico to the USA
1899, May 18
(to 1899, July 29)
Peace Conference at The Hague: sets up international court of arbitration
1899, June 03 Cour de cassation annuls Alfred Dreyfus's first trial
1899, June 10 US Congress appoints canal commission to investigate Panama
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