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chronology prepared by Fiona Evelyn Hamilton (University of Edinburgh)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1864 William Walker lectures on 'Australian Literature'
1864 Herschel's General Catalogue of stars and nebulae
1864 Dynamic theory of the electromagnetic field formulated by Maxwell
(to 1886)
Contagious Diseases Acts
1864, January 13 Zemstvo Law in Russia establishing provincial councils
1864, January 16 Austria and Prussia send ultimatum to Denmark to repeal constitution
1864, February 01 Austro-Prussian troops enter Schleswig
1864, March 10 Ulysses S. Grant assumes command of the Union army
1864, April 10 Archduke Maximilian of Austria accepts title of Emperor of Mexico
1864, April 12 Massacre of Fort Pillow
1864, April 18 Danish forces defeated at Dybbol; German troops invade Denmark
1864, April 25 Lord John Russell calls London Conference to solve Danish Question
1864, May 05 Indecisive Civil War battle of the Wilderness
1864, May 05 William Sherman marches Unionist army through Georgia
1864, May 08
(to 1864, May 21)
Indecisive Civil War battle of Sportsylvania Courthouse
1864, May 26 Territory of Montana organised in USA
1864, June 03 Revised National Banking Act in USA
1864, June 25 London Conference on Denmark solves nothing and war resumes
1864, July End of Taiping Rebellion in China
1864, July 22 Battle of Atlanta: Sherman defeats Confederate army of John Hood
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