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chronology prepared by Claire Preston (Queen Mary University of London)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1862 Alvan Clark observes Sirius B
1862, February 06 Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Henry on Tennessee River from Confederates
1862, February 08 Unionists take Roanoke Isle
1862, February 15
(to 1862, February 16)
Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Donelson
1862, March 03
(to 1862, March 04)
Unionists take Amelia Island, Florida
1862, March 08 Confederate frigate Merrimack sinks Unionist ship Cumberland
1862, March 12 Jacksonville, Florida, is taken by Unionists
1862, March 14 New Berne, North Carolina, is captured by Unionists
1862, April 07 Confederates forced to withdraw from Shilton, Tennessee
1862, April 24
(to 1862, May 01)
Unionists besiege New Orleans
1862, May 01 New Orleans captured
1862, May 20 The Homestead Act
1862, June 01 Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee appointed commander of the Army of Northern Virginia
1862, June 25
(to 1862, July 01)
Federal troops withdraw from the Virginia Peninsula after Seven Days battle
1862, July Confederates buy ships from British boat yard, leading to Alabama case
1862, July First black regiment, the First Carolina, organised
1862, July 07 Land Grants Act
1862, August 18
(to 1864, September )
Sioux Uprisings in Minnesota and North Dakota
1862, August 29 Second battle of Bull Run: Thomas Jackson defeats Union Army
1862, September 17 Battle of Antietam
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