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chronology prepared by Teresa Prudente (University of Turin)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1882 Refrigerated shipment of meat from New Zealand to Britain
1882 First electrical illumination of theatre: Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe
1882 Married Women’s Property Act
1882 Russian Jews begin emigrating to the USA
1882 80 000 Scandinavians emigrate to the USA
1882, January 22 Italian electoral reform
1882, January 27 Leon Gambetta falls; Charles Freycinet forms ministry in France
1882, February Pan Slav speech by Russian General Skobelev alarms Germany
1882, February 05 Khedive is forced to appoint a Nationalist ministry in Egypt
1882, March 06 Prince Milan proclaims himself King of Serbia, with Austrian support
1882, March 29 Primary education in France to be free, compulsory and non-sectarian
1882, April 04 The Prussian legation at the Vatican is restored
1882, May 02 Kilmainham 'treaty' between Parnell and Britain for an amnesty
1882, May 06 Fenians murder Irish chief secretary and under-secretary
1882, May 06 Chinese banned from emigrating to the USA
1882, May 22 USA secures trading rights in Korea
1882, June 06 Hague convention fixes three-mile limit for territorial waters
1882, June 12 Anti-foreign riots in Alexandria
1882, June 28 Anglo-French agreement on boundaries of Sierra Leone and French Guinea
1882, July Repressive Prevention of Crimes bill for Ireland suspends trial by jury
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