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chronology prepared by Neil Forsyth (University of Lausanne)

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DateAuthor EventsHistorical Events
1608, April 18 Cahir O'Dogherty of Tyrone raises rebellion in Ulster
1608, May 20 O'Dogherty's rebellion in Ulster collapses
1608, June Legal ruling that any Scot born after 1603 is a subject of the King of England
1608, August Irish rebels who had taken refuge in Tory Island are massacred
1608, December 20 Plans for the English settlement of the six counties of Ulster
1609, May 12 Lord Somers and Captain Newport leave Plymouth for Virginia
1609, October Scottish Catholic leader found guilty of forging a letter from the King
1610, February 09 English Parliament is critical of James I's use of his royal prerogative
1610, March John Cowell's law dictionary is censured
1610, May 23 The House of Commons petitions James I against levying impositions
1610, June 09 Arabella Stuart is imprisoned for marrying another claimant to the throne
1610, June 09 Earl of Salisbury veers towards an anti-Spanish policy
1610, June 26 James I accepts the terms of the Great Contract
1610, July 23 James I prorogues Parliament
1610, October 16
(to 1610, December 06)
The English Parliament reassembles
1611, January James I negotiates marriage of his daughter to the Elector Palatine
1611 Persian ambassador negotiates a commercial treaty with England
1611, February 09 James I angrily dissolves Parliament before 'The Great Contract' is arranged
1611, March 04 George Abbot is elected Archbishop of Canterbury
1611, March 25 James I makes his favourite, Robert Carr, Viscount Rochester
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