Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Barry, Lording: The Family of Love Duncan Fraser, University of Sussex 27-04-2015 works
Böhlau, Helene Petra Watzke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 27-04-2015 people
Kipling, Rudyard: For All We Have and Are Chris Baldick, Goldsmiths, University of London 27-04-2015 works
Marston, John: Jack Drum's Entertainment Rebecca Yearling, Keele University 27-04-2015 works
Romeo and Juliet (1968) - film adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Duncan Fraser, University of Sussex 27-04-2015 context
Djebar, Assia: Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement Bronwyn Winter, University of Sydney 24-04-2015 works
Fell, Margaret Kate Peters 24-04-2015 people
Jha, Raj Kamal: Fireproof Sarah Ilott, University of Teesside 24-04-2015 works
Lessing, Doris May: The Four-Gated City: Children of Violence Novel Sequence Anne-Laure Brevet, University of Cambridge 23-04-2015 works
Braine, John: Life at the Top Nicolas Tredell, Independent Scholar 06-04-2015 works
Chedid, Andrée Christiane Makward, Penn State University 06-04-2015 people
Erofeev, Venedikt Svetlana McMillin, SSEES, University College London 06-04-2015 people
Milton, John: Comus: A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle Neil Forsyth, University of Lausanne 06-04-2015 works
Desai, Kiran: The Inheritance of Loss Letizia Alterno, The University of Manchester 03-04-2015 works
Patterson, Orlando Jason Michelakos, York University 03-04-2015 people
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth: Taken at the Flood Anne-Louise Russell, Anglia Ruskin University 02-04-2015 works
Livy Dennis Pausch, University of Dresden 02-04-2015 people
Winters, Yvor: “The Slow Pacific Swell” Neil Forsyth, University of Lausanne 02-04-2015 works
Carver, Raymond: Cathedral Leon Lewis, Appalachian State University 01-04-2015 works
Ihimaera, Witi Tame Simone Oettli-van Delden, University of Geneva 01-04-2015 people
Perec, Georges: La vie, mode d’emploi: roman Natalie Berkman, Princeton University 01-04-2015 works
Racine, Jean: Andromaque Véronique Desnain, University of Edinburgh 01-04-2015 works