Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Anglicanism in English Literature Alan Wolf, University of East Anglia 25-07-2014 topics
Anti-Jacobin, The Steven White, Anglia Ruskin University 25-07-2014 topics
Ivanov, Georgii Boris Dralyuk, UCLA 22-07-2014 people
Donne, John: Ignatius his Conclave Shanyn Leigh Altman, University of Sussex 21-07-2014 works
Nashe, Thomas: Nashe's Lenten Stuff Anthony Ossa-Richardson, Queen Mary's London 21-07-2014 works
Achebe, Chinua: The Anthills of the Savannah Matthew Whittle, University of Manchester 16-07-2014 works
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi: The Thing Around Your Neck Clemens Colleen, Kutztown University 16-07-2014 works
Chaigneau, William Ian Campbell Ross, Trinity College Dublin 16-07-2014 people
Chaigneau, William: The History of Jack Connor Ian Campbell Ross, Trinity College Dublin 16-07-2014 works
Delafield, E. M. Nicholas Turner, Edge Hill University 16-07-2014 people
Hareven, Shulamith Isabelle Hesse, University of York 14-07-2014 people
Naylor, Gloria: Mama Day Philathia Bolton, The University of Akron 14-07-2014 works
Alegría, Claribel Sophie M. Lavoie, University of New Brunswick- Fredericton 06-07-2014 people
Wilson, Colin: The Misfits: a study of sexual outsiders Colin Stanley, formerly of University of Nottingham 06-07-2014 works
Barker, A. L. Nicholas Turner, Edge Hill University 02-07-2014 people
Mantel, Hilary: Beyond Black Lucy Arnold, University of Leeds 02-07-2014 works
Chambers, Edmund Rebekah Owens, Independent Scholar 01-07-2014 people
Giliarovskii, Vladimir Michael Pursglove, Independent Scholar 30-06-2014 people
Steinbeck, John: The Wayward Bus Cecilia Donohue, Madonna Univ. (Retired) 30-06-2014 works