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A joint expedition from German states is made against Munster
A religious disputation held at Worms is the final effort at conciliation
An English army sets off to aid the Elector Palatine
An imperial army enters Bohemia to defeat the rebels
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup
Archduke Ferdinand of Austria is crowned King of Bohemia
Augsburg and Strasbourg submit to Charles V
Augsburg captured by Maurice of Saxony
Battle of Muhlberg
Bavaria joins the Schmalkaldic League despite being a Catholic state
Bohemian army attacks the imperial garrison of Budweis
Bohemian Estates recognise Archduke Ferdinand of Styria as heir
By the Treaty of Gyalu, John Zápolya's widow cedes Hungary to Ferdinand
Catholic oppression in Bohemia rouses national antipathy to the Emperor
Charles V summons a diet to meet at Worms in January 1521
Count Thurn calls anti-Hapsburg Bohemian Protestants to Prague
Count Thurn leads an army of Bohemian patriots towards Vienna
Count Thurn leads the Bohemians to revolt
Diet of Augsburg decrees endorses the Edict of Worms
Diet of Augsburg fails to solve religious crisis
Diet of Speyer meets
Diet of Speyer: Charles I attempts to compromise with the Lutheran princes
Edict of Restitution against German Protestants
Edict of Worms
Elector Palatine chosen as King of Bohemia by rebelling Protestants
Elector Palatine refuses imperial troops passage through his territory
Emperor Charles V prohibits the proposed German synod at Speyer
English volunteers join the Elector Palatine's army in Bohemia
Ferdinand of Austria and John Zápolya of Hungary sign Peace of Grosswardein
Ferdinand of Bohemia and John Zápolya sign a truce
Ferdinand of Bohemia defeats John Zápolya at Tokay
Ferdinand of Bohemia is elected King of the Romans
First Diet of Speyer endorses Edict of Worms
Formal election of Matthias of Bohemia as Holy Roman Emperor
France allies with Saxony against Charles V
France declares war on the League of Augsburg and invades the Palatinate
Francis I signs an alliance with John Zápolya of Hungary
Francis I, Bavaria, Saxony and Hesse unite against King Ferdinand
Frederick V, Elector Palatine, is placed under the ban of the Empire
German Peasant War
Hapsburgs assert hereditary right to the Bohemian Crown
Imperial Diet at Augsburg: Martin Luther presents his arguments against Catholicism
Imperial diet meets at Speyer
James I offers to mediate in Bohemia
James I refuses to aid Frederick V of the Palatinate in Bohemia
John Sigismund Zapolya of Transylvania signs a secret treaty with Maximilian II
John Zápolya makes a treaty with Suleiman I
Leaders of the Schmalkaldic League outlawed by the Empire
League of Schmalkalden/ Schmalkaldic League
League of Torgau formed
Magdeburg besieged by Maurice of Saxony
Matthias is crowned King of Bohemia
Matthias, King of Bohemia succeeds as Holy Roman Emperor
Maximilian I pronounces the ban of the Empire on the Elector Palatine's son
Maximilian is recognised as the next King of Bohemia
Maximilian succeeds as King of Bohemia
Munster capitulates to the Hessian army and Catholicism is restored
Nine Years War, War of the League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance, King Williams' War, War of the English Succession
Peace of Augsburg
Peace of Lubeck
Peace of Nuremberg
Peasants rebel in Speyer, Germany
Philip of Hesse defeats Ferdinand of Austria at Laufen
Protestant demands are refused at the Diet of Worms
Prussia made a Protestant state by Albert von Brandenburg
Religious civil war in Switzerland
Saxon troops invade Bohemia
Schmalkaldic League holds a Diet at Frankfurt
Schmalkaldic League plans a military campaign against Charles V
Schmalkaldic League prepares for civil war in Germany
Schmalkaldic strongholds submit to Charles V
The Augsburg Interim attempts religious compromise
The Confession of Augsburg is signed by the Protestant princes
The Diet of Augsburg meets in the presence of Charles V
The Elector Palatine, Frederick V, arrives in England
The Emperor Rudolf II forced to permit freedom of religion in Bohemia
The Emperor Rudolf is forced to resign the Bohemian crown
The infant John Sigismund Zápolya succeeds as King of Hungary
The Protestant Union assists the Bohemian rebels
The Schmalkaldic League begins to disintegrate
The Schmalkaldic League loses important members
The Schmalkaldic League takes the imperial city of Donauwörth
The Swedes withdraw from Bohemia
Treaty of Augsburg
Treaty of Passau annuls the Augsburg Interim and allows Lutheranism
Ulm, Nuremberg and Augsburg form a league for religious freedom
Wallenstein goes into winter quarters in Bohemia