Navajo War

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In 1863 Brigadier General James Carleton (27th December, 1814 - 7th January, 1873) and Colonel Kit Carson (December 24, 1809 - May 23, 1868), under the direction of the US government, began a military campaign of economic warfare against the Navajo, in an attempt to reduce the power of the Southwest's largest Indian nation. After their food supplies, herds and homes were destroyed, 8000 Navajo surrendered and were moved to a small and inadequate reservation, Bosque Redondo, at Fort Sumner in eastern New Mexico. After 4 years of poverty the Navajo were allowed to return to a newly established reservation, but many had lost their lives during the confinement at Fort Sumner and on the 300-mile journey, known as the 'Long Walk,' to Bosque …

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