Presidency of John Tyler

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  • Lucas Paul Richert (University of Saskatchewan)

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 In early April, John Tyler assumed the office of the presidency after the sudden death of President William Henry Harrison. There was a substantial amount of debate about the righteousness of Tyler's move. Tyler thus set a precedent that has not been challenged. After assuming the presidency, Tyler found himself in the political wilderness, having being abandoned by the Whigs. Yet the Tyler administration still accomplished much. He oversaw the passage of the Weather Bureau. He reorganized the navy. And he engineered the end of the Seminole War. What's more, Tyler managed to find time to marry Julia Tyler after his first wife passed away. In 1844, Tyler, who had only moderate support from his party, withdrew in favour of James K. Polk.…

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Richert, Lucas Paul. "Presidency of John Tyler". The Literary Encyclopedia. First published 20 January 2009
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