Quintus of Smyrna: The Posthomerica (2044 words)

  • Fotini Hadjittofi (Universidade de Lisboa)

The Posthomerica is a Greek epic of approximately 8,800 lines, divided into fourteen Books, whose aim is to bridge the chronological gap between the two Homeric epics by narrating the events that occur after the death and burial of Hector at the end of the Iliad and before Odysseus' adventures as narrated in the Odyssey. The poem was probably written in the third century CE, and circulated together with the Homeric epics throughout Late Antiquity and Byzantium.

There is almost no external evidence about the author of this work. Manuscripts only give us a title (Ta meth' Homeron, literally “the things after Homer”) and a Hellenised Latin praenomen (Kointos, from the …

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