Susan Hill: The Mist in the Mirror (634 words)

  • Gina Wisker (University of Brighton)

The Gothic settings of Susan Hill's The Mist in the Mirror (1992) include labyrinthine London streets, distant, haunted Northern villages and a school - all of which attest to Hill's reputation as a writer who revived the English ghost story. The Mist in the Mirror adopts the traditional ghost tale formulae, an archaic nineteenth-century tone with words such as "dreech" and "mizzle" giving a rather bleak Dickensian air to the whole. The story is told to the narrator by a returned traveller, Sir Jamie Monmouth, who, after an evening in the club, seeks out the narrator and begins gradually to recount his strange tale of threats from beyond the grave. Monmouth, with his skull-like, beak-nosed, gaunt face hands over a …

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