Muhammad Iqbal: Javed Nama [Book of Eternity] (502 words)

This epic Persian poem of 1805 verses is a “masnavi” [a narrative poem composed of distichs corresponding in measure, each consisting of rhyming couplets]. It includes set-pieces in other genres, such as the “ghazal” [roughly speaking, lyric], “naghma” and “nava” [songs and airs], “zamzama” [chants], and “nala” [laments] uttered by some of the characters in the poem. The poem relates the poet’s imaginary journey through the cosmos, travelling through spheres named after planets in the solar system, and ends with the poet’s vision beyond the spheres of an epiphany of divine majesty. His guide in this journey is the famous Sufi poet, Rumi (1207-73). In his ascent through the cosmos, the poet, who i…

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