Sallust: Bellum Catilinae (1983 words)

A. Historical background

L. Sergius Catilina was an ambitious nobleman whose career had begun during the civil wars of the 80s as an unscrupulous tool of Sulla’s in whose employ he allegedly committed various murders (Plut. Sul. 32,3; Com.Pet. 9; Sall. Hist. I 36 McGushin). After Sulla’s victory, Catiline was allegedly vicious in the bloody proscriptions which followed (Com.Pet. 9; Sall. Hist. I 37 McGushin; Asc. Tog.Cand. p. 84). Despite various scandals (e.g. Asc. Tog.Cand. p. 91), he became praetor in 68 (Asc. Tog.Cand. p. 85). In the next two years he was propraetor in Africa (Asc. Tog.Cand. p. 85; Cic. Cael. 10) where he is said to have enriched …

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