Friedrich Nietzsche: Ecce Homo [Behold the Man] (1201 words)

Written in 1888 but only published posthumously 1908, the treatise’s title Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) is based on the phrase Pontius Pilate used in the book of John to describe Jesus (19: 5). Its often overlooked subtitle “Wie man wird, was man ist” (“How one becomes what one is”) is an allusion to the ancient Greek wisdom cited in Pindar’s Second Ode: “Become such as you are”. Ecce Homo is an opaque text, consisting of 16 chapters or sections, most of which are the titles to self-descriptions of the author’s works, but others which have playful and whimsical titles, such as “Warum ich so weise bin” (why I am so wise), <…

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