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Indices of over three thousand completed profiles: People, Works, Events and Topics.

The Literary Encylopedia comprises five cross-related data tables:

  • People – lists 7465 people, mainly writers but also including philosophers, scientists and others of note.
  • Works – lists 32624 works, mainly literary but also philosophical and scientific.
  • Topics – lists 16597 topics, including many historical events, explanations of critical terms and issues in critical theory. . .
  • Links – over 3624 selected links to quality resources on the Internet.
  • Recommended Readings – over 21309 items of recommended bibliography.

We are adding profiles as fast as they can be written, generally about 10 per week, but as these are written by scholars of standing in their fields you will appreciate such quality can only be achieved with patience. Each search-results screen indicates (via icons and fonts) if an entry is complete or incomplete, or whether it is a short note or a completed essay. Even where entries have not yet been completed, each listed record is richly stocked with metadata so that it can be searched in simple and advanced ways for country, gender, genre, date, etc., or for finding an author's or text's contemporaries. This is a very complex digital environment which rewards exploration. Please see our Guide for full advice on how to use the site.