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Recommended reading for Han d'Islande

Grossman, Kathryn M. The Early Novels of Victor Hugo: Towards a Poetics of Harmony. Genève: Droz, 1986. Print.

Recommended by Géraldine Crahay

Kathryn Grossman analyses Han d’Islande’s family bonds and generational oppositions in her first chapter (pp. 19-58).

Prévost, Maxime. Rictus romantiques. Politique Du Rire Chez Victor Hugo. Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2002. Print.

Recommended by Géraldine Crahay

Prévost’s monograph analyses the dark, even sadistic, manifestations of laughters in Victor Hugo’s works. Chapter 1 (pp. 49-85) focuses on the monster and the executioner in Han d’Islande.

Roman, Myriam. Victor Hugo Et Le Roman Philosophique: Du “drame Dans Les faits” Au “drame Dans Les idées”. Paris: Honoré Champion, 1999. Print.

Recommended by Géraldine Crahay

This monumental essay studies the philosophical, generic and dramatic characteristics of Hugo’s novels. Pages 334-47 are exclusively dedicated to the analysis of Han d’Islande. The book also offers relevant analyses of the novel’s prefaces (pp. 586-88) and epigraphs (pp. 602-06).

Glinoer, Anthony.“Du monstre Au Surhomme: Le Roman frénétique De La Restauration.” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 34 (2006): n. pag. Print.

Recommended by Géraldine Crahay

This article analyses the characteristics of French Gothic novels. It demonstrates how Han d’Islande, among other Restoration novels, renews the generic conventions of the “frenetic” novel by focusing on the monster (pp. 228-31).

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