Author Timelines

The Author Timelines applications enables the reader to display the events of a person's life in relation to their historical context, and/or in relation to up to two others. Lives are first displayed showing only major events; clicking on dates gives greater detail. The historical events chosen are those for the author's country of origin, but in the basic timeline view you can select the option to include events from other countries, if these are of interest.

There are two kinds of Author Timeline display.

  • Click here to use the basic version which provides a clear vertical listing of dates, author events and historical events.

  • Click here to use the sophisticated versions which offer horizontal and vertical displays, and the option to show life events and historical events either by a marker for their start dates or as spans of time. This version puts high demands on your computer processing power so you may need to wait a little for it to display fully on your screen.

We expect to add around 50 more author timelines during 2008.

We wish you joy in your foraging.