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Charles V visits Henry VIII at Dover and Canterbury 1520 - 1520 Context Note
Cardinal Wolsey mediates between Francis I and Charles V 1521 Context Note
France, Spain and England refuse the Pope's offer of peace negotiations 1524 Context Note
Henry VIII tries to persuade the Pope to hasten his divorce proceedings 1528 Context Note
Henry VIII seeks an alliance with the German Protestant princes 1535 Context Note
Francis I proposes a meeting with Henry VIII and James V 1542 Context Note
Protector Somerset tries to bargain with France over Edward VI's marriage 1549 Context Note
Queen Mary I marries Philip of Spain 1554 Context Note
Pole assumes the functions of Papal Legate in England 1556 Context Note
Philip II returns briefly to England to gain aid for war with France 1557 Context Note
Elizabeth I aids the Scottish Lords of the Congregation against France 1559 Context Note
Elizabeth I's seizure of Spanish treasure ships severs commerce 1568 Context Note
Negotiations for marriage between Elizabeth I and Henry Duke of Anjou 1571 Context Note
Bernadino de Mendoza arrives in England as Spanish ambassador 1574 Context Note
Elizabeth I offers to mediate between Don John of Austria and the Dutch 1578 Context Note
Spanish ambassador is expelled for complicity in the Throgmorton Plot 1584 Context Note
Elizabeth I takes the Netherlands under her protection 1585 Context Note
Spanish ambassador gains papal aid for an Armada against England 1586 Context Note
United Provinces sign a twelve-year alliance with England and France 1609 Context Note
James I negotiates marriage of his daughter to the Elector Palatine 1611 Context Note

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