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San Salvador, Bahamas, asks for incorporation with USA 1822 Context Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Hawaii 1843 Context Note
October Manifesto by Canadians in support of union with US 1849 Context Note
Texas surrenders her claim to New Mexico 1850 Context Note
Trent affair: Confederate Commissioners to Europe are captured by Unionists 1861 Context Note
Confederates buy ships from British boat yard, leading to Alabama case 1862 Context Note
USA demands recall of French troops from Mexico 1865 Context Note
Japan concludes tariff convention with Britain, France, Holland and USA 1866 Context Note
Britain forced to pay millions of dollars of damages to USA 1872 Context Note
USA is granted St Juan in dispute with Britain 1872 Context Note
Ministers from the USA, Britain, Russia, Holland, France and Japan received by the Chinese Emperor 1873 Context Note
Rebellion in Cuba leads to deterioration of US-Spanish relations 1875 Context Note
Britain, USA and Germany recognise the King of Samoa 1880 Context Note
Japanese foreign minister fails to abolish extra-territorial concessions 1886 - 1887 Context Note
USA, Britain and Germany discuss Samoa 1887 - 1887 Context Note
First Pan-American conference at Washington 1889 Context Note
USA warns Britain against shifting British Guiana's boundary with Venezuela 1895 Context Note
Salisbury rejects US arbitration in British Guiana-Venezuela boundary dispute 1895 Context Note
US ultimatum to Spain to relinquish authority in Cuba 1898 Context Note
Joseph Chamberlain criticises Russia and leans towards USA and Germany 1898 Context Note

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