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Chinese banned from emigrating to the USA 1882 T Note
Anglo-Russian crisis over loan to China 1898 T Note
Manchuria China makes appeals regarding Russia 1901 T Note
Possibility of Anglo-German-Japanese bloc against Russia ends 1901 T Note
Russia drops draft convention with China 1901 T Note
Japanese note to Russia regarding Manchuria 1903 T Note
Sun Yat-sen organises union of secret societies 1905 T Note
Dismissal of Yuan Shih-kai 1909 T Note
Sun Yat-sen elected president of United Provinces of China 1911 T Note
Anglo-Belgian loan to China cancelled 1912 T Note
British restrains China regarding Tibet 1912 T Note
Chinese government declines 6-powers loan 1912 T Note
Joint declaration by Russia and China 1913 T Note
Japanese ultimatum to Germany 1914 T Note
Japan's secret ultimatum to China 1915 T Note
Cold War 1945 - 1991 T
Amur-Ussuri border dispute 1960 T Note
President Nixon visits China 1972 T Note
'Gang of Four' denounced and arrested 1976 T Note

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