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Henry VII banishes Flemings from England 1493 Context Note
Cardinal Wolsey dissolves 22 religious houses 1528 Context Note
A list of heretical books including Tyndale's Bible is drawn up in London 1530 Context Note
Petition to Henry VIII about severity of the church courts 1532 Context Note
Sir Thomas More refuses to take the oath to the succession 1534 Context Note
The Abbots of Reading and Colchester are executed for treason 1539 Context Note
Anne Askew is burnt at Smithfield for denying transubstantiation 1546 Context Note
Protestants begin to leave England for Geneva and Zurich 1553 Context Note
Bishop Hooper of Gloucester is burnt at Smithfield for heresy 1555 Context Note
Trial of Archbishop Cranmer and Bishops Ridley and Latimer 1555 Context Note
Burnings of Protestants provokes disillusionment with Mary's reign 1557 Context Note
Two Dutch Anabaptists are burnt at Smithfield on Elizabeth's orders 1575 Context Note
English Parliament draws up severe anti-Catholic legislation 1581 - 1581 Context Note
Parliament legislates to expel Jesuits and seminary priests 1584 - 1584 Context Note
The English parliament passes strict laws against Protestant dissenters 1593 Context Note
Henry Barrow convicted of slandering Queen Elizabeth 1593 Context Note
John Penry is executed for denying Queen Elizabeth's royal supremacy 1593 Context Note
Jesuit Robert Southwell is hanged at Tyburn 1595 Context Note
James I removes the £20 per month fines levied on Catholic recusants 1603 Context Note
English Parliament imposes severe penalties against Roman Catholics 1606 Context Note

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