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Latin Riddles [enigmata] 400 - 800 C
Gloucester, Circencester and Bath captured by the Saxons 577 C
Music in Anglo-Saxon England 597 - 1066 C
Augustine's mission to England arrives 597 C
Anglo-Saxon Literature 600 - 1066 C
Old English Poetic Form 600 - 1100 C
Old English Homilies (Homily) 600 - 1200 C
Charms, Old English 600 - 1100 C
Proverbs (Old English) 600 - 1100 C
The Old English Language 600 C
Eadwine appointed King of Northumbria 616 C
Raedwald of East Anglia dies; probably buried at Sutton Hoo 624 C
Eadwine converts to Christianity with his court 627 C
King Cynegils of Wessex converts to Christianity 635 C
Æthelbald succeeds to the throne of Mercia 716 - 757 C Note
Bede completes Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum 731 C
The founding of the Archbishopric of York, with Ecgbert as Archbishop 735 C
St. Cuthbert becomes Archbishop of Canterbury 740 C
Offa becomes king of Mercia 757 - 796 C
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the first Viking raids on England 789 C

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