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5,000 miners picket at the Orgreave Coking Plant 1984 C
Aharonov-Bohm effect confirmed experimentally 1960 C
Aharonov-Bohm effect predicted 1959 C
Alec Douglas-Home becomes Prime Minister 1963 - 1964 C
Alec Jeffreys devises a DNA fingerprinting method 1984 C
Angela Carter's poetry 1964 - 1966 C
Anglicanism in English Literature C
Anglo-Irish Agreement signed 1985 C
Angry Young Men 1950 - 1968 C
Anti-Poll Tax riots 1990 C
Anti-war demonstration outside US Embassy, London 1968 C Note
Anti-War protests in London turn to riots 1968 C
Birth control pill made available in the UK 1961 C
Black holes within galaxies theory 1969 C Note
Blandford-Znajek Process developed - model for the extraction of energy from a black hole 1977 C Note
Britain grants independence to Lesotho 1966 C
Britain introduces Europe's first colour television service 1967 C
Britain tests hydrogen bomb 1957 C
Britain's first nationwide referendum affirms membership of the European Economic Community 1975 C
British Conservative Party chooses Margaret Thatcher as new leader 1975 C

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