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Irish Rebellion and Repression 1641-53, and the Down Survey, 1656-58 C Note
St Brendan 486 - 575 C
Norse raids on Ireland begin 795 C
The Book of Kells produced by Celtic monks 800 C Note
The Book of Armagh is written by Ferdomnach 807 C Note
Ireland raided by the Vikings 836 C Note
Foundation of Dublin 841 C Note
End of Viking dynasty in Dublin 980 C Note
English conquest of Ireland 1169 - 1172 C
Edward Bruce becomes King of Ireland 1316 - 1318 C Note
Richard II, King of England, undertakes campaign in Ireland 1394 - 1395 C Note
Perkin Warbeck arrives in Cork at the invitation of Sir James Ormond 1497 C Note
Lord Thomas Fitzgerald assassinates Archbishop Allen of Dublin 1534 C Note
The Earl of Tyrone surrenders to Queen Elizabeth 1562 C Note
The Earl of Tyrone leads a second rebellion in Ireland 1562 C Note
Irish Gothic 1563 - 2004 C
Shane O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone defeats the MacDonnells at Ballycastle 1565 C Note
Irish rebel Shane O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, is assassinated 1567 C Note
The Irish rebellion is effectively crushed 1573 C Note
Unsuccessful attempt by Spain to land in Ireland 1579 C Note

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